Media Matters for Democracy through its initiative ‘Report Digital Rights’ initiates a technology and digital rights orientation program for journalists and lawyers

Islamabad, 25h October 2020

Media Matters for Democracy through its initiative Report Digital Rights has initiated a program to engage with journalists and lawyers, to assist them in understanding the various new technologies in the context of digital rights and the concepts and challenges of Internet governance.

The program was specifically initiated to help journalists understand and report better on digital developments and policymaking specifically with regards to human rights online, and to help lawyers to understand the key technological concepts for litigation in pursuance of human rights online.

Speaking about the importance of this program, the founder of MMFD Asad Baig said, “the registration for the session was announced through MMFD’s social media accounts, and in response, we got a massive number of requests for participation. Unfortunately, we had seats to cater to less than 10% of the registrants, but this goes on to show the demand of knowledge”.

The first two pilot sessions were conducted by Asad Baig with selected lawyers and journalists. Stay tuned to our page for information on upcoming sessions.