‘Facter Weekly’: MMfD launches new podcast series

‘Facter Weekly’: MMfD launches new podcast series

Media Matters for Democracy (MMfD) has launched a new podcast series, titled “Facter Weekly: A Roundup of Top Fact-Checks”. It will focus on the organisation’s recently launched digital investigation initiative for newsrooms, Facter.

Facter Weekly, conducted by Ayesha Khalid (Lead, Facter) and Usman Shahid (Co-lead, Facter), will shed light on the top five fact-checks produced at Facter every week. The podcast aims to inform viewers about the changing trends of online mis/disinformation in Pakistan and the techniques deployed to debunk it at Facter.

The podcast will be streamed live on MMfD’s Facebook and YouTube pages every Friday at 3:30pm (PST). The episodes will be available on both platforms after streaming.

Facter, which has delivered over 250 fact-checked items to newsrooms since its launch in February 2024, has been designed to facilitate media organisations in countering misinformation and disinformation online. The Facter database can be accessed via a Chrome extension by the newsrooms that have signed up for it.

More on Facter here

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