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Media Matters for Democracy finds the recently notified Social Media Rules concerning; maintains they are ultra vires
Call for Applications for Grants to Media – MMfD joins hands with DW Akademie to offer local (and citizen) media companies a platform to develop innovative projects through international exchange of ideas
MMfD demands tech companies to rectify algorithmic bias on their platforms immediately
On this World Press Freedom Day 2021, Media Matters for Democracy reaffirms its support for free and independent journalism
International Women’s Day 2021: Media Matters for Democracy calls for an end to online attacks against women journalists
Media Matters for Democracy strongly condemns the violent attack on Geo News and Jang group head office in Karachi
Media Matters for Democracy publishes a new study titled ‘Misinformation in the Public Eye’ which finds that 7 of 10 respondents can not always identify misinformation
Launching ‘Disorder in the Newsroom’: A study by Media Matters for Democracy on journalists’ perception of their ability to identify and counter misinformation
Media Matters for Democracy launches a new study examining the impact of online harassment on women journalists
6 in 10 women face restrictions when accessing the internet, new study finds