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Media Matters for Democracy strongly condemns the violent attack on Geo News and Jang group head office in Karachi
Media Matters for Democracy publishes a new study titled ‘Misinformation in the Public Eye’ which finds that 7 of 10 respondents can not always identify misinformation
Launching ‘Disorder in the Newsroom’: A study by Media Matters for Democracy on journalists’ perception of their ability to identify and counter misinformation
Media Matters for Democracy launches a new study examining the impact of online harassment on women journalists
6 in 10 women face restrictions when accessing the internet, new study finds
Media Matters for Democracy expresses concern over the new privacy policy of WhatsApp and the ‘false choice’ presented to WhatsApp users
Expression of Solidarity with Women Speaking up about Sexual Harassment
TV remains primary source of information on COVID19 in Pakistan; social media distrusted by many: study finds.
Media Matters for Democracy expresses concern at the revelations made by EU Disinfo Lab in their report “deep dive into a 15-year operation targeting the EU and UN to serve Indian interests”
Media Matters for Democracy conducts an initial analysis of the new social media rules and their potential impact on digital rights and economy in Pakistan