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EXCLUSIVE: MMfD launches webinar series on electoral disinformation
MMfD announces workshop on Election Reporting and Countering Disinformation
MMfD’s Trends Monitor Toolkit to help journalists enhance their digital investigation skills
EXCLUSIVE: A critical analysis of E-Safety Bill, Personal Data Protection Bill 2023
MMfD launches series of investigative reports highlighting lack of corporate accountability in Asia
MMfD deconstructs Big Tech’s role in hindering progress of digital newsrooms at RightsCon 2023
MMfD Sheds Light on Violations of Women’s Digital Rights in Authoritarian Regimes at #DRAPAC23 Assembly
MMfD analyses Big Tech’s dominance over digital newsrooms at DRAPAC23 Assembly
2022 Rewind: MMfD renews commitment to sustainability, innovation and experimentation
MMfD critically examines Elon Musk’s radicalised Twitter at DRAPAC23 Assembly
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