MMfD launches Journalists’ Guide to Ethical Election Reporting

MMfD launches Journalists’ Guide to Ethical Election Reporting

November 15, 2023: Media Matters for Democracy is thrilled to launch its new resource, titled Journalists’ Guide to Ethical Election Reporting, with the aim to better equip Pakistani journalists to produce reliable and accurate news reports, and tell stories ethically and sensitively, alongside it will prepare them to safeguard their physical, mental, and digital well-being as they navigate the complex world of election reporting.

The resource pack includes information that will help journalists work toward achieving the following learning objectives: constitutional and legal understanding, media trends awareness,  ethical best practices, safety and sensitivity, combatting disinformation and verification and fact-Checking. 

The Self-Paced Learning Resource Pack aims to build the capacity of journalists and information practitioners, enabling them to: (a) report on marginalized communities, including gender and religious minorities, with sensitivity and fairness; (b) generate story ideas and reporting plans for coverage of marginalized communities, fostering inclusive election reporting; and (c) learn about tools and techniques to counter online disinformation, and improve their fact-checking skills along with developing an increased awareness of the different forms of MDM (misinformation, disinformation and mal-information).

The resource pack can be accessed here:

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