MMfD announces workshop on Election Reporting and Countering Disinformation

MMfD announces workshop on Election Reporting and Countering Disinformation

Disinformation poses a significant threat to the integrity of elections and democratic processes. It can distort public perception, influence voter decisions, and undermine the overall credibility of the electoral system. In the age of rampant mis/disinformation, the role of media and journalists becomes even more crucial, particularly during the electoral process.

Media Matters for Democracy has been committed to ensuring capacity building of Pakistani journalists to familiarise them with countering disinformation tools and techniques, and is excited to launch its new training programme dedicated to electoral reporting, Empower-Training journalists to counter electoral disinformation. The training is for journalists looking to improve their electoral reporting and employing effective strategies to combat electoral disinformation.

The organisation has been leading the work on Media and Information Literacy (MIL) in Pakistan since 2018, and we have conducted numerous training programs, including residential bootcamps, journalists from all mediums as well as trained newsrooms on tools and techniques to counter disinformation. Its latest initiative seeks to provide journalists and content creators with the right tools and skills to effectively counter electoral disinformation.

Globally UNESCO Communication and Information Sector works on promoting freedom of expression, media independence and pluralism, and the building of inclusive knowledge societies underpinned by universal access to information and the innovative use of digital technologies. It continues to engage key actors through capacity building, policy advice and international cooperation to ensure fundamental freedoms are guaranteed inline and offline with international standards.

What Are We Offering 

An intensive two-day training programme which focuses on tools to identify misinformation, counter electoral disinformation, a comprehensive understanding of the processes of the Election Commission of Pakistan, and importance of creating voter awareness. Hands-on capacity sessions will be held with journalists to ensure their skill building to distinguish between accurate and false information, critically assess news sources, and fact-check claims.

One of the key components of the training will focus on equipping journalists with digital investigation tools and techniques. The verification of a given piece of news involves a systematic process to determine its accuracy and reliability. By familiarising journalists with methodologies for digital investigations, online verification tools, and strategies for identifying disinformation patterns, MMfD aims to enable journalists to produce accurate, balanced, and impartial reporting. The workshop’s emphasis on maintaining impartial reporting is essential to upholding journalistic integrity and fostering public trust.

After the successful completion of the training, the participants will also become eligible to become a part of MMfD’s Media Fellowship on Election Reporting.

Who Can Apply

We are looking for journalists based in LahorePeshawarIslamabad OR Karachi available to attend the training for two days. The training sessions will be held in the second half of September and shortlisted candidates will be approached and contacted to check their availability.

Apply By Saturday, 2nd September 2023

Note: For any queries, please reach out to us at

The applications have been closed now.

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