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UNESCO, Media Matters for Democracy, Embassy of Netherlands and Center for Peace and Development Initiatives hosted World Press Freedom Day 2016 in Islamabad
PFUJ, Senate sub-committee commend the efforts of MMFD for actively advocating for independent investigations in crimes against journalists and media workers. Express resolve to work together for joint objectives
Senate Sub-Committee recommends the Government and media houses to ensure safety of journalists; expresses commitment to jointly work towards journalists safety legislation
Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill 2016, yet another story of deception from democracy
National Assembly passes the much resisted Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill 2016
Media Matters for Democracy and Bytes for All call for more transparency in legislations around cyberspace; urge the government to not curb civil rights for counter-terrorism
#JournoSafe Update: Hamid Mir Commission Report Leaked
Joint Action Committee Calls upon Opposition Parties to Resist PECB on Floor of Assembly
Tough spell for media in Pakistan continues; media bears the brunt of censorship and religious extremism
Ministerial committee initiates stakeholder consultations on Media Workers Safety and Welfare Bill 2016. Media Matters for Democracy to provide recommendations
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