Consultancy Announcement ‘Design Thinking Workshop’ – Deadline 10th February 2021

Summary of Work:

Media Matters for Democracy (MMFD) is Pakistan’s leading media development organisation, and works extensively on Media and Information Literacy (MIL) and digital media. MMFD has recently rolled out a ‘Digital Media Fellowship Program’ through it’s in-house media incubator ‘The Media Lab’ to provide acceleration services to a cohort of 10 selected digital media startups.

During the fellowship period, the selected media outlets will be engaged in a design thinking sprint to help them identify challenges and opportunities, and capitalise of them. 

Interested parties are requested to send a proposal at  

Terms of Reference:

Interested parties / individuals / companies will be engaged for TWO 3-day long residency training programs and prepare content to conduct the Design Thinking training with focus on the following.

  • Expose startups to the design process as a tool for innovation.
  • Develop startups’ professional skills in client management and communication.
  • Demonstrate the value of developing a local network and assist startups in making lasting connections with the business community.
  • Startups develop a portfolio of work to set them apart in the job market.
  • Provide an authentic opportunity for startups to develop teamwork and leadership skills.

The Design Thinking training must aim at achieving the following Learning Outcomes

Design Process

• Startups develop a strong understanding of the Design Process and how it can be applied in a variety of business settings

• Startups learn to research and understand the unique needs of a company around specific challenges

• Startups learn to build empathy for target audiences from different “cultures”

• Startups learn to develop and test innovative ideas through a rapid iteration cycle


• Startups develop professional interpersonal and presentation skills

• Startups develop professional communication skills such as interviewing and crafting professional emails

• Startups learn to take ownership of the quality of their work and final products

• Startups understand their duty to maintain ethical standards in product and strategy design

• Startups understand the long term impact of design decisions

• Startups understand the value of and have tools to develop a strong network

Leadership and teamwork

• Startups develop self-awareness of personal leadership style and how to effectively workas a member of a team

• Startups collaborate on a variety of projects

• Startups develop communication skills necessary to facilitate high performance team formation and maintenance (e.g., leveraging the skills and abilities of all team members, valuing cross-disciplinary/cultural contributions, engaging in difficult conversations and resolving conflict)

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