17 journalists participate in MMfD’s bootcamp on Investigating Disinformation



Islamabad: Media Matters for Democracy held a four-day bootcamp on Countering Disinformation with 17 journalists across Pakistan.

The bootcamp was organised from 27th December to 30th December, 2021 in Murree and was attended by senior and mid-career journalists in the country. The participants included Editors of digital media outlets, senior producers of leading news channels, among other senior journalists.

The intensive module focused on teaching journalists and media professionals about the different techniques and tools used for countering disinformation, providing them special access to analytical tools, and studying content around organised misinformation. They worked in groups to produce stories on a disinformation campaign and received hands-on training with analytical tools for the development of their skills.

This was the second such bootcamp hosted by MMfD to show its commitment to counter misinformation and improve the capacities of Pakistani journalists to investigate disinformation and produce quality reporting for their respective outlets.