2022 Rewind: MMfD renews commitment to sustainability, innovation and experimentation

2022 Rewind: MMfD renews commitment to sustainability, innovation and experimentation


Islamabad: Media Matters for Democracy is excited to launch its annual report for the year 2022. The year 2022 marked the eighth year of Media Matters for Democracy, and it was a pivotal one. The organization is proud to continue its tradition of innovation and experimentation, and we focused on emerging issues in addition to long-standing ones.

During last year, MMfD expanded its portfolio to include media sustainability, a crucial area for the future of journalism in Pakistan. MMfD conducted insightful research work that helped us better understand the media economy and hosted hackathons and fellowships that empowered new and emerging digital journalists to create or improve their digital media outlets. MMfD is proud to have been able to continue our pioneering work in media sustainability in Pakistan.

In 2022, MMfD reached over 600 individuals through more than 30 training sessions across 10 different cities. Over 30 websites for women journalists were created, and 22 YouTube channels launched, helping add the voices of women to a platform that has long been male dominated. MMfD believes that the media industry can only be truly diverse and inclusive if the voices of women are equally represented. The highlight in 2022 was the creation of WIMA resource Hub that operated in Karachi and Islamabad and through which MMfD supported many young women journalists by creating digital platforms for them to showcase their work and by providing them with training and mentorship opportunities.

Research and publications remained at the heart of MMfD’s work in 2022, with a focus on generating insights and knowledge for the benefit of media professionals, civil society, and policymakers in Pakistan. The research themes covered by MMfD in 2022 have been broad and diverse, ranging from digital access and connectivity to the quality of news coverage during the COVID-19 pandemic, the criminalization of speech, and the state of Pakistan’s media economy. The organization’s efforts in creating this knowledge base have been crucial in informing and guiding its work towards creating a sustainable and inclusive media ecosystem in Pakistan.

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