Pakistan’s Environment Crisis: Media has a Important Role to Play in Communicating Climate Change 

Media Matters for Democracy held the first online discussion on its series on Environmental Crisis and Impacts of Climate Change.


The discussion, titled “Unfolding Environmental Crisis: Understanding the Impacts of Climate Change on Pakistan”, included renowned experts. Which included Journalist Afia Salam, Lawyer Rafay Alam and Co-Founder of Media Matters for Democracy, Asad Baig. During the session, our guests emphasised the pressing need to take responsibility for our environment and highlighted the impacts of climate change in Pakistan.


Senior Journalist Afia Salam and Environmental Lawyer Rafay Alam led a vital conversation on the, highlighting the crucial role of mainstream media in informing the masses. They stressed that we must take steps to control pollution that is affecting our air quality and marine life. The experts also established that greenhouse gasses, a result of the industrial revolution, have caused an increase of 1 degree in temperature, leading to catastrophic climate events.


The session further discussed the importance of media in reporting climate-induced challenges and raising awareness about environmental issues was also highlighted. Our panellists also mentioned the significance of making lifestyle changes that are need-based rather than want-based to reduce our carbon footprint.


To listen to the full discussion, click here: