Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill 2016 has been passed by National Assembly of Pakistan on 12th April 2016. The bill was passed despite continued resistance and criticisms from human and digital rights organisations. Even though the Government took over a year for a consultative process by the looks of it, the process has remained merely symbolic. The passed bill includes various causes and articles that can constitute direct violation of fundamental and constitutional rights particularly Article 19 and 19-A. Despite constant expression of concerns over possible abuse of power through this law, the amendments made are cosmetic.

Read the copy of PECB 2016 here.

The amendments by State Minister IT Anusha Rehman are accessible here.

The Bill is included in the main document as Annex-1, however it has to be read in conjunction with the proposed amendment document as the final version of the Bill incorporating the amendments has shared as yet. Read together Annex-1 of the main document and amendments by Anusha Rehman, make up for the final version of the past bill.

MMfD’s key concerns about PECB 2016 to be shared soon.