MMfD’s research reveals 46.7% journalists have not received any fact-check training 


Islamabad: Media Matters for Democracy has launched its report, “Fact Checking and Verification: Navigating the Misinformation Landscape in Pakistani Newsrooms and Beyond”.


The study explores the current fact-checking systems and information verification practices used by journalists and newsrooms in Pakistan, and identifies gaps for improvement. The research also assessed the perception of news consumers in Pakistan regarding the misinformation landscape, their trust in local media outlets, and their actions to tackle misinformation as citizens.


The research revealed that 46.7% of the journalists surveyed, have not received any formal training on fact-checking while 28.6% have access to free or paid fact-checking tools/software. At least 69.7% of the journalists surveyed, fact-check their stories themselves, while 7.6% rely on editors/sub-editors. The findings revealed that 64% of news consumers surveyed, use social media for news, while 47% trust it for accuracy. Women (73%) are more likely to use social media for news, while men are more likely to use print newspapers (8%). The findings said that men and women are equally likely to encounter online misinformation.


You can read the entire report here:…/Fact-checking-and…