MMfD organises conference to discuss visibility on environment issues, promoting sustainable solutions 




MMfD organised a conference, titled “Environment Now! An Interdisciplinary Environmental Justice Conference”, and  brought together an impressive group of experts from various fields to discuss the visibility of environmental issues,  ways to promote sustainable solutions  and interdisciplinary collaboration in achieving environmental justice.


The conference started with a panel discussion on “Visibility of Environment and Sustainable Solutions on Media” which featured moderator Muhammad Arslan and panellists

Rina Saeed Khan, Climate Activist and Chair of the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board, Mavra Bari, Sociologist and Climate Activist, Jawad Sharif, Documentary Filmmaker, and Dr Khalid Waleed, Energy Expert from Sustainable Development Policy Institute.

This was followed by a series of lightning talks by various experts. Lawyer

Syeda Kashmala spoke about the Pakistani law and the environment, Journalist

Jayaa Jaggi shed light on the Vulnerabilities of Minorities to Climate Change, Mohammed Fauz ul Azeem spoke about Corporate Sustainability, and Syed Hasnain Raza shared his thoughts on Capacity building and sustainability for climate reporting.

The event was broadcast live and it can be viewed here: