Journalism or jingoism: Ahmad Qureshi’s unfounded claims could incite violence against individuals named in the show.

Ahmed Qureshi, a current affairs show host on Express TV “Q @ With Ahmed Qureshi”, hosted a show, focusing on the brutal murder of Sabeen Mehmud, director of PeaceNiche and owner of The Second Floor, on 26th April 2015.

In this show, the host Ahmed Qureshi, makes seriously irresponsible claims without any proof and engages in libel, slander and defamation against multiple individuals including LUMS faculty member Taimur Rehman. Qureshi accuses Rehman of having a hidden agenda and aligning with the enemies of the state. Such accusations can be the basis of incitement to violence and given the dangerous environment that exists in Pakistan today. This is in violation of PEMRA’s code of conduct for broadcasters particulary Sections 1 (d & e). The host also makes serious factual mistakes throughout the show; for example the completely unfounded assertion that Taimur Rehman was the one organizing Un-silencing Balochistan at LUMS is factually incorrect.

The show and the unfounded conspiracy theories aired with no regards to the safety and security of those named violates Section 499 of Pakistan Penal Code.

We request the Express TV management to ensure that such libelous, slanderous content, that can lead to violence against the named individuals are not allowed to be broadcast. We request the management to take strict and serious notice of this episode and previous episodes by the same anchor that are based on conspirary theories, and violate all journalistic ethics. We request the management to stop giving airtime to such individuals, who pass opinions as facts, break the law by violating PEMRA and PENAL code and endanger lives by their callous, careless behavior.