Second day of Digital Security workshop concludes; MMfD sets up virtual help desk for women (journalists and bloggers in particular) at Media Matters for Democracy

Islamabad, 19 August 2015: MMfD announces the setting up of a virtual help-desk for women in media facing digital security issues at the conclusion of two day workshop on digital security for women journalists and bloggers.

The help-desk would operate virtually through MMfD’s website and would also be physically hosted at the organisational office. The decision to host a permanent help desk was made in response to a demonstrated need of continued support in the digital realm.

The second day of the workshop focused on understanding the implications of behaviour on social media and on online platforms and securing important data files through encryption. Mobile phone security and gendered politics of digital communications were also discussed.

Participants representing a wide variety of media outlets expressed interest in advanced and more detailed trainings on digital security.

“Training was very beneficial. Learnt a lot of new techniques and tricks on how to secure yourself in the digital world”, said one of the participants giving feedback on the workshop.    

The second workshop of the series is due to start tomorrow, 20th August 2015, and will bring together another 15 women associated with the media and blogging industry.

The workshop Connected and Safe is being conducted with support from UNESCO Pakistan and aims to empower women in media by giving them tools to adopt a secure conduct online.

Some glimpses of day two of Connected and Safe:







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