#ChallengingHate – A Hackathon for Solutions Countering Online Hate

#ChallengingHate – A Hackathon for Solutions Countering Online Hate




Media Matters for Democracy is hosting a four-day hackathon, titled #ChallengingHate, aimed at offering technological solutions for combatting online hate and digital violence. The hackathon seeks to gather together young entrepreneurs, journalists, programmers, and tech specialists with the aim of developing viable methods and tools to combat online violence. 

The competition is a four-day event where participants in groups of 4 will be provided with an opportunity to develop their solutions. A two-day training will be held for the participants to develop a relatively higher degree of self-awareness about the nature of sexist hate online and understand the continuum of violence between the offline and online spheres and the power structures that allow it. They will be briefed on the different ways to combat it, including legal options, digital and cyber security, and counter-narratives. The participants will then work together to form a team and build tech-based solutions to counter the growing problem. All participating groups will be asked to present their submission for the preliminary judging round held on 24th June 2022. 

Event dates: 21st to 24th June 2022

Location: Islamabad 

Who can apply?

We are looking for journalists, tech specialists, programmers, students, and data scientists who are interested and enthusiastic about solving the growing problem of online hate. You can apply if you meet the following requirements:

  • Understand the growing problem of online hate speech 
  • Be interested in creating an anti-hate solution
  • Willing to collaborate and work with a team 

Why should you apply?

During the course of the hackathon, participants will be briefed on different ways to identify online hate speech and digital violence and will actively work together to brainstorm solutions to build a safer online community. You will also receive the following opportunities during the hackathon: 

  • Hands-on support to help you ideate and build innovative anti-hate tech solutions.
  • Expert-led workshops on design thinking, product development, and pitching. 
  • The chance to pitch your digital solution for the chance to win an exciting prize. 


Online hate speech and cyberbullying is a growing problem. Young people and professionals must be aware of the negative effects online hate can have on individuals, groups, and society in general. They not only need to be able to recognise hate speech in all its forms, they also need to understand what options there are to them in how to respond to this content. The hackathon seeks to empower participants to disrupt online hate and come up with creative and unique solutions. 

Applicants may submit their applications using the link below.

The form defines the requirements of the application and must be filled in and submitted. Please press “Submit” at the end of the application form to ensure that your application is received.

The applications should be submitted using the link below. We look forward to your applications!

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