UNSHACKLING EXPRESSION: a study on laws criminalising expression online in Asia

March 2, 2018

Published by Association for Progressive Communicate, Unshackling Expression, attempts to map laws that stand to criminalise expression online in Asia. Its a collection of chapters contributed by APC partners; each of them detailing the local legal framework[s]. Pakistan-chapter is contributed by MMfD.

From Right to Information to Journalistic Investigations: a field guide for journalists in Pakistan

October 10, 2017

Published by Media Matters for Democracy, this field guide seeks to take journalists through the process of accessing public data through Right to Information laws, all the way to producing data-driven investigative news stories.

From Data to Journalism: a best practices guidebook

October 1, 2017

Published by DW Akademie and authored by our founders Asad Baig and Sadaf Khan, this guidebook is all-you-need resource to produce high-quality data-driven journalistic stories. It’s a hands-on manual to assist journalists from data-analysis to producing great and quick infographics. A must have to for all journalists.

Criminalising Expression: a study of Pakistan’s cybercrimes legislation

October 1, 2017

Produced by Media Matters for Democracy, this research publication deeply analyse Pakistan’s Prevention of Electronic Crimes Acy 2016, or commonly known as the new cyber crimes law and its impact on free expression online and fundamental rights.

Understanding Internet Rights: a field guide for journalists in Pakistan

October 1, 2017

Published by Media Matters for Democracy, Understanding Internet Rights seeks to assistant journalists break down the issues related to digital rights and internet governance. The field guide also features a break down of the legal framework that governs cyberspace in Pakistan. A must-have for journalists covering IT related beats.