Take Back the Media — an MMfD Initiative


The media is a tool for empowerment of the people – but it has been a long time since people in Pakistan could claim a stake in the media industry. Take back the media as an MMfD initiative to help the public reclaim a stake in the industry. As an organization, MMfD believes in a pro-public media. What we see in Pakistan today is a far cry from this vision. The media is heavily commercialized, insecure and susceptible to political or other pressures.

Take Back the Media initiatives aims to work with available policy solutions to ensure the industry’s growth in a progressive and responsible direction. Using public interest litigations to push for regulatory changes and information gained through academic research and RTI requests for policy advocacy, we hope to work towards an environment where media regulation isn’t a tool of state control, rather becomes a multi-stakeholder process that helps and supports the industry’s growth.

How would you like to reclaim the media? Let us know. Write to us at info@mediamatters.pk