Media Matters for Pakistan is a web-based initiative to act as a civil-society watchdog for media and digital rights in Pakistan. Through this platform, we keep an eye on the state of media freedoms and digital rights, violations thereof and related issues. It also seeks to highlight issues of media ethics, and ideology. Our aim is to develop a counter-narrative to exceedingly right-wing and totalitarian narratives often used to justify media and internet censorship, internet shutdowns and attacks on media freedom.

The website additionally features comprehensive researches on various related issues, particularly to create an understanding of developing trends. Hosted at mediamatterspakistan.org the initiative generates commentary on (the violation of) digital rights, crimes against media and journalists, media and internet policy and regulation, and digital economy.

The website was originally designed as an advocacy tool to push for policy changes, but it performs another important function: educating citizens with regards to the negative social, political and economic impact of censorship and curbs on media freedoms.

Our goal is to contribute in moving towards an open, tolerant and democratic society where people are aware of their rights and freedoms and major stakeholders are on the same page to ensure access to free media and internet for all.

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