Media Matters for Democracy launches – Pakistan’s first digital rights news portal collating original news content and resources for journalists


Islamabad, 18 October 2017: Media Matters for Democracy under its initiative ‘Report for Digital Rights’ launches ‘Digital Rights Monitor’, Pakistan’s first digital rights news portal hosted at

‘Report for Digital Rights’ aims to politicise and bring in the mainstream the debate on digital rights and Internet governance in Pakistan. The portal includes original journalistic content to highlight related issues of importance that remain under the mainstream media’s radar and archives media coverage of related content. The portal also includes background resources for journalists looking to expand their understanding of digital rights issues. is a major component of ‘Report for Digital Rights’ initiative, through which our team of in-house reporters will regularly generate journalistic content on digital rights issues in Pakistan . The website is designed to serve as a one-stop-shop for journalists and individuals looking for resources on digital rights and Internet governance.

Media Matters for Democracy through aims to bring forth journalistic stories which don’t make their way to the mainstream media. The website will also host a monthly newsletter summarising key developments in the area of digital rights and Internet Governance.  Additionally, an exciting array of multimedia content will soon be launched on the portal.

MMfD also welcomes pitches from journalists and citizen journalists alike, who might like to submit journalistic content or opinion pieces on relevant thematic areas.