As part of #16DaysofActivism,MMfD launched #KinderInternet – a campaign that highlights the importance of being kind in online spaces.

The campaign encourages internet users to be more responsible in their speech online.

For 16 days, we focused on the negative impacts of seemingly harmless comments that translate into online hate and abuse on the Internet, and how they alter the experiences of online spaces for many people around us.

#KinderInternet asks internet users to Snooze on the Hate.

Through #KinderInternet, we hope to create a safer and a kinder online space by encouraging internet users to double tap on kindness.

Snooze on the Hate

Introducing the official tagline of #KinderInternet: Snooze on the Hate, where we endorse staying silent over expressing hate, abuse, or derogatory remarks in online spaces.

#KinderInternet interprets Snooze on the Hate as an act to minimize negativity and choosing to reconsider unkind behaviour and speech on the internet.

As the internet has grown into a much bigger place for all, we notice users receiving harsh responses than they could ever imagine receiving in person, altering a potentially normal experience of the internet into a hostile one.

Snooze on the Hate is an idea that proposes that we as users of the internet reconsider hateful criticism we direct towards others in online platforms, and reword it.


MMfD conducted online polls, both on Twitter and Instagram, to get public opinion on #KinderInternet. Most of the voters agreed that they feel unsafe on the internet, that they would engage more if they felt safer on the internet, and that they need a #KinderInternet for everyone.


Online hate and bullying can easily morph into physical violence as victims have often reported such incidents where online abuse turned into physical as well.

Increased levels of stress, depression and feeling of isolation are some of the several adverse effects that a cyber-hate victim may go through. You can play your part in reducing cyberbullying by refraining from resharing, retweeting, and reposting such content that may sound hurtful to others, directly or indirectly.