Humara Media — a Web Show in Partnership with Pakistan Coalition for Ethical Journalism


Humara Media, a web-show, looking at different policy and practice issues that plague the Pakistani media industry and gave an impact on ethical conduct of media, is due to launch on 20th November 2015.

The web-show is an initiative of Pakistan Coalition for Ethical Journalism, PCEJ, led currently by Rozan and has been produced by Media Matters for Democracy, MMfD. Humara Media is a sixteen episode series, each episode designed to  highlight various issues and challenges that have an impact of the conduct of media industry. It also seeks to highlight the affects of unethical practices of media on the society.

Humara Media, is a one of its kind show, attempted for the first time in Pakistan. It brings together senior journalists, writers, media analysis and civil society experts to discuss the industry.

The idea for the show has been conceived by Asad Baig as a member of  PCEJ, a coalition, that has been trying different venues and approaches to seek improvement in journalistic standards since 2013. PCEJ is a coalition of media associations, NGOs, civil society actors and a large number of journalists from across Pakistan. The Coalition is currently led by Rozan, an Islamabad based NGO that has been working with media for a decade.

Watch this space for latest episodes.

Humara Media Episode 12: Insensitive reporting and its impact on the society at-large. Guests: Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy, physicists and a human rights’ activist, and Sadaf Khan, a former media practitioner and media development expert.