Media Matters for Democracy to commemorate International Day to End Impunity and host a vigil to remember the fallen heroes of journalism in Pakistan

What: A vigil to commemorate the International Day to End Impunity and remember our fallen heroes

When: 2nd Nov at 6:00 PM

Where: F6-Chowk Islamabad

Access to information and freedom of expression are the two main strengths of democratic societies. Without information, societies cannot develop to make informed decisions. Without information, the political and economic growths of societies remain stunted. The media is often called the fourth pillar of the state due to the important function it serves in a democratic society. A media that is under threat reflects a democracy under threat.

For the last one decade, journalists in Pakistan have increasingly faced threats to their lives. Over a hundred have been killed in the line of duty since the year 2000, with nearly 70% of the victims targeted and killed. The rate of impunity is abysmal.

The lack of justice for journalists killed for daring to ask questions and following stories strengthens those who seek to keep the public blind. The targeting of journalists isn’t simply an attack on media, it is an attack on the public’s right to seek, receive and impart information.

On 2nd November, on International Day to End Impunity in Crimes Against Journalists, we ask you all to stand together to honor those who have perished while performing their duty towards democratic development. Media Matters for Democracy is collaborating with the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists and Bytes for All to hold a candlelight vigil at F6 Chowk at 6:00 – 7:30 pm on Monday, 2nd November. We will be getting together to remember and honor those who have been killed and demand justice for them from a government, who has promised again and again to end impunity and expedite the judicial process but has failed to keep its promise.

Join us and stand for your right to say and know.

Image Source: OSCE