Media Matters for Democracy is a Pakistan based not-for-profit geared towards independent journalism and media and digital rights advocacy. MMfD has been founded by a group of journalists who believe in free expression and are working to ensure that the media and public alike have the tools and the enabling environment where the right to freedom of expression can be enjoyed. MMfD works for innovation in media and journalism through the use of technology, research, and advocacy on media and internet related issues. MMfD works to ensure that expression and information rights and freedoms are protected in Pakistan.

A core area of interest is digital rights and internet governance – particularly in the context of freedom of expression, right to information and related enabling rights. The organization also focuses on the strengthening connections between media and digital rights community.  As the media industry steps into the digital age and the shape of the industry changes, MMfD is striving to introduce new media concepts and debates within the industry in Pakistan. MMfD focuses on capacity building and technology development to enable journalists to use digital tools for their trade. MMfD also works on the inclusion of citizen voices in the mainstream narrative.

MMfD has a strong focus on gender-related issues within media and on the internet. All our initiatives and programs include an overarching emphasis on inclusion and positive.

Following is MMfD’s organisational hierarchy:

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