The Core Team

The core team of Media Matters for Democracy is young, dynamic and passionate for progressive development in Pakistan’s media industry. We have over 35 years of collective experience within the media, journalism circles and the development sector in Pakistan. We believe in the strength of new and digital media and are working to ensure that the mainstream media in Pakistan is well positioned to make the best use of it. We believe in independent and responsible journalism and stand for a free, fair, responsible and progressive media.

The Members

Asad Baig – Executive Director

Asad Baig started his media journey with Geo in 2004. Eventually, his career track led towards Open Society Foundations, where he managed the Media Program for four years. His work at OSF accorded him the opportunity to play a leading role in national efforts for media safety, professionalism, ethics, open internet and advocacy for access. He has supported nationwide efforts on these areas and has been a founding member of Pakistan Coalition on Media Safety, PCOMS, Pakistan Coalition for Ethical Journalism, PCEJ and Alliance for Access. Asad has represented the Pakistani media development sector at national and international platforms. Over these years he has developed a keen understanding of media economy and has come to believe that the development of alternate economic models is the key to a professional and sustainable industry. He has also become increasingly interested in the issue of ideological polarity in the media and is now working on showcasing alternate narratives and ideologues. He is the driving force behind Media Matters for Democracy. He passionately believes in the power of media and wants to play his part in ensuring that the media in Pakistan embraces its true value, projects progressive ideals and optimizes its potential as an instrument of strengthening democracy.

Sadaf Khan – Director Programs

Sadaf Khan has been associated with media and media development sector in Pakistan since 2002. She has worked with major print and broadcast outlets in the country, mostly behind the camera and has dabbled in all forms of writing and production. For the last four years she has been working with media development CSOs, mainly for policy advocacy, media ethics, journalist safety and capacity building for development, data and digital journalism. Sadaf has had the opportunity to publish multiple research reports on thematic media content in Pakistan and has worked specifically on conflict related reporting in national and regional outlets. With a desire to expand her academic and knowledge base, she took a year off from work, to study development communications and media/ ICT governance policies at the London School of Economics as a Chevening Scholar. Her year at the LSE has made her increasingly interested in progressive, and effective regulation for mainstream media, effective policies for open and secure internet and incorporation of digital technologies in mainstream journalism. She is also interested in policy and content research and specifically enjoys deconstruction of discourse in media content.

Raja Mohsin Saleem – Director Operations

Raja Mohsin Saleem got his first taste of media at Express TV. Working at the assignment desk in Islamabad, the bureau that produces the largest volume of news content, Mohsin was literally at the epicenter of news production. He worked with a large team of reporters, cameramen and technicians, effectively managing the day to day operations of the news cycle. From Express News, he moved to Dunya TV, and managed a new team of reporters that went on to launch the channel. It was here that he eventually started to get more and more concerned about the state of media and the lack of professionalism. He eventually made a career switch from main newsroom and started working with Intermedia Pakistan on professionalism and media safety. He was responsible for the production of a monthly newsletter, commenting on the state of media and threats to the journalist community. He also managed the operations side of various capacity development initiatives and policy consultations with media stakeholders. At Media Matters for Democracy Mohsin will be bringing his expertise of media management and supervising operations at both organizational and project implementation levels.

Sara Khan – Program Manager

Sara has 11 years of working experience in Media, Government, Development and Corporate sector. To name a few organisations, she has been associated with GEO TV, Planning Commission, wi-tribe Pakistan Limited, Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) in past. She has also provided consultancies to couple of organisations like Technical Resource Facility (TRF) funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) and Australian Aid Agency (Aus AID), to provide technical assistance and to National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences (FAST-Foundation) within the capacity of assisting Director Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC).

She has also facilitated high-profile event management teams and leveraging a wide range of media including print, radio, television and online to enable organisations to broaden their constituencies and accomplish their strategic goals.

Muhammad Arsalan Saeed – Program Manager

Arslan is a seasoned journalist with a vast experience of television content production. He started with Geo Television as an associate Producer and moved on to Dunya News to become a part of core team. He’s currently associated with Pakistan Television Network. Arslan is engaged with MMfD in a consulting capacity and is engaged on the citizens watchdog initiative.