Media Matters for Pakistan — a citizen’s media watchdog initiative

Media Matters for Pakistan is a web based initiative, designed to act as an informal watchdog over the mainstream media in Pakistan. This platform aims to keep an eye on the status of media freedoms, violations and related issues. It also seeks to highlight issues of media ethics, and ideology. Ultimately, we expect to develop a counter narrative to the exceedingly right-wing, moral policing based programming that has taken hold of the media.

The website features comprehensive research on media content and consumption trends in both print and electronic mediums, particularly to create an understanding of the developing trends. Hosted at the initiative generates commentary on net neutrality, crimes against media and journalists, media policy & regulation, Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill 2015, and media economy & exploitation of workers. Designed originally as an advocacy tool, the website also aims to educate citizens of the impact of various violations of media freedoms on the Pakistan’s society and strives to bring stakeholder and individuals on one page to establish critical mass for policy change.

Latest in Media Matters for Pakistan

  • National Assembly passes the much resisted Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill 2016

    Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill 2016 has been passed by National Assembly of Pakistan on 12th April 2016. The bill was passed despite continued resistance and criticisms from human and digital rights organisations. Even though the Government took over a year for a consultative process by the looks of it, the process has remained merely…

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  • The Quest for Justice: Analysing Hamid Mir Commission Report

    On 8th April 2016, the Hamid Mir Judicial Commission report was leaked on social media. The report has been compiled by one of the strongest judicial commissions of Pakistan’s history, led by none other than the current Chief Justice, Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali. The commission was formed on 21st April 2014, with a mandate to…

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#JournoSafePK - Defend Journalism. Standup for Your Right to a Free Media. Raise Your Voice for Rampant Killing of Media Workers

Assassination is the worst form of censorship and a free media is driving force of a democratic society. Pakistan on the other hand has been declared as 'the most dangerous country for journalists' by as many as 4 international human right groups in last 5 years. To bring an end to this menace the government will have to take serious measures. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif made solid commitments to address the issue in March 2014. Unfortunately there hasn't been much action. It high time for the PM to walk the talk. We need your support to make it happen.