Register Now – Digital Security Training for women journalists and bloggers in Islamabad

MMfD is happy to announce Connected and Safe; securing yourself in the digital world – a digital security training workshop for women journalists, media workers and bloggers in Islamabad. Two training sessions are scheduled on 12 – 13 and 18 – 19 August 2015.

As journalists in the digital age, we face various issues linked to the convergence of mediums. Journalists working for print and broadcast media are both online, researching, discussing and disseminating information. Some of the journalists are now working exclusively with digital mediums. While the growth in digital exchange platforms is facilitating smoother flow of information, it comes with certain risks to a natural person’s privacy. Research looking at technology based violence against women shows that women, when abused online, tend to shrink back and leave the digital spaces. This is especially true for women journalists in Pakistan who don’t appear to have the kind of digital presence that men in journalism enjoy. This further restricts the presence and role of women in journalism circles in Pakistan. Women are unable to optimise the potential that the digital media offers and remain in the background.

These workshop aims to bring together women journalists from all sections of the industry, give them a basic understanding of the risks in the digital sphere and provide them with solutions to mitigate them.

Each training will be conducted with a small group of 10 – 12 women.

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