Peace Tech Exchange – Civic Tech Solutions for Gilbit Baltistan and Kybher Paktoonkhwa

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What is Peace Tech Exchange?

Peace Tech Exchanges are workshops organized to empower peace builders in conflict zones with low-cost, easy to use technology. In Pakistan, the Peace Tech Exchange workshop was organized by Bytes For All in partnership with USIP focusing on the social issues of Gilgit-Baltistan, FATA and Kybher Pakhtoonkhwa, encouraging volunteers to come up with civic-tech solutions to address them.

How did MMfD Contribute?

Media Matters for Democracy in partnership with B4A team and partners arranged special mentoring sessions for groups working on media related issues with a special focus on alleviating information darkness through citizen journalism and by helping citizens’ voices into mainstream media.

How can I participate in upcoming PTX sessions?

If you are a journalist, a tech-person or a civic innovator, we encourage you to participate in upcoming PTX session in Islamabad – to get yourself registered with us, please write to us @ or subscribe on the main page.