Media Matters for Democracy’s Areas of Intervention and Interest

The main premise of our work is to push for a truly independent media, free expression, digital rights and an Open Internet. We undertake policy research and advocacy to further our organisational objectives. We also work on acceptance and integration of digital media technologies and towards creating sustainable citizen journalism initiatives in the country.

As a by-product of our main work, we produce civic technology aimed at addressing various related issues, host a range of journalism training courses, produce journalistic content on our areas of interest and facilitate multiple stakeholders and community engagement forums.

What We Do

Freedom of (online and offline) Expression

This program is the foundation of MMfD.  We believe that without freedom of expression, in general, political and ideological sense, no democracy can progress and no society can develop. Our FoE program is focused on research and advocacy on issues that can affect free expression in Pakistan. The program works on policy and practice and includes initiatives related to digital rights, Internet governance and mainstream media policy,  regulation, and freedom.

All our initiatives feature a strong component of free expression and access to information. FoE advocacy is also one of our core organisational objectives and the basis of most of our initiatives.

Media Development

This program aims to strengthen the media industry by building its credibility and capacity. The program has been conceived to meet two basic needs in the industry; first, the increasing mistrust that the public has for media due to the lack of ethics and professionalism in journalism. Second, the lack of focus on technology specifically digital tools and technologies that can aid journalism. The program thus includes initiatives on;

Media ethics, professionalism, and capacity building  – Under this program area we undertake initiatives that have a potential to directly or indirectly impact capacities of journalists in Pakistan. The program also seeks to help build skills required for practicing journalism in the digital age, particularly data and multimedia journalism.

ICTs and journalism – Under this program we are working on initiatives to bring technology to the media industry. Our initiatives focus on exploring new journalistic forms through exclusive content development and technology development. One of our main initiatives, Awam, is a citizen journalism application, geared towards citizen-generated journalistic content and connecting citizens with mainstream media.

Gender and Media

The inclusion of women voices in media and the online is a core objective for MMfD. The organisation doesn’t approach the subject of gender and media as a specialised area of intervention, rather, gender remains a cross-cutting theme that informs the organisational approach towards all our work. MMfD remains conscious about gender related implications of all its initiatives and ensures that the project design and implementation are gender positive and enable women to participate.

Some of our initiatives are specifically focused on supporting women’s inclusion in digital spaces – these include capacity building for secure digital practices and exploratory technology development that can offer an alternative, community-based redressal mechanisms to women facing harassment online.