Media Matters for Democracy hosts a Design Thinking Workshop to finalise ‘Muhafiz’

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Islamabad, 21st November 2015: A workshop to help design Muhafiz, a digital solution for journalist safety was held at MMfD office on Saturday, 21st of November 2015. The workshop brought together a group of journalists and developers to brainstorm and design ideas for Muhafiz, a digital safety net being developed by MMfD and Code for Pakistan to assist journalists document threats and connect journalists to national and international networks for support and assistance.

The workshop was held with support from United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, UNESCO, Pakistan. UNESCO is providing support for the development of the pilot phase of Muhafiz.

The design thinking workshop was based on the innovative design created by Stanford Design School and its aim was to develop an understanding between the journalists who will be the end users of this application and the developers who will code and design its interface. The two stakeholders worked together to identify the key needs of journalists working in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA and identified the areas where technological solutions might be helpful.

“Solutions that do not involve direct input from the main stakeholders often run the risk of being removed from the ground realities. Through this design thinking workshop, we have tried to ensure that this solution, that is meant for journalists is able to truly cater to the needs, requirements and priorities of the community”, said Asad Baig, Executive Director, Media Matters for Democracy.

The development of the application will be based on the findings of this workshop.